Thursday, September 26, 2019

Education, Perception, and Gender Bias in Accounting Essay

Education, Perception, and Gender Bias in Accounting - Essay Example Therefore, its use should be recognised around the world. Without accounting, money would not have a definite manner of being properly utilised. This paper will review the education and bias that women often go through in relation to accounting as a field of study, also, as a career choice that they can make. As many fields in the market today, accounting and finance is considered a man’s field of expertise. This means that whenever there are opportunities to be filled in relation to accounting and finance, men always get the upper hand. Gender related discrimination and bias have found their way into the working field of accounting. The perception that is created here is that women cannot be accomplished accountants when the chance arises. This perception, as many women are out to prove, is flawed. They are out to prove that whatever men can do, they can do better. The education sector in many countries does not pay keen attention to the number of female accounting students. The number of female students in the accounting class cannot be compared to the number of male students in higher learning institutions, for example, universities and colleges. As seen above, accounting and finance is considered a field dominated by men. However, there are a growing number of female accountants and students in many countries. The encouragement they receive from different quarters like family and the government could be the cause of this rise.

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