Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Influence of Culture on Consumer Impulsive

Question: Discuss about the Influence of Culture on Consumer Impulsive. Answer: Introduction: Compulsive shopping by consumers is a shopping behavior that is related to impulsive buying. It is a clinical scenario that has been pointed out by marketers regarding description of the consumer culture in the buying pattern of them. This leads to pathological buying. It can lead to severe impulsive control disorders that lead to compulsive shopping. The article discusses about the items that people buy at the time of compulsive shopping are art, jewelry, books, computer equipment, books, craft, make up, clothes, etc. Moreover, it can be said that usually compulsive shoppers compare their experience of shopping to an addiction. It is found that this attribute can be outlined by interpersonal problems like divorce and marital conflict, social difficulties like isolation, legal consequences like bankruptcy, etc (Hartston Koran, 2002). The article illustrates that impulse buying in United States has resulted in huge increase of sales volume. Consumers across the world can get access to impulse buying with the growth of e-commerce section and with the increase of orientation of consumers in many societies. However, there is an influence of culture regarding the rate of impulse buying in western societies and in non-western societies. The cultural factors that create an impact on the minds of the customers related to impulse buying behavior are normative influences, self-identity, suppression of emotion, postponement of different instant gratification. The article describes impulse buying as a rapid decision making process of the consumer with a subjective bias along with more irresistible buying when compared to a planned purchasing of things (Kacen Lee, 2002). This article focuses on the impulse buying impact on the post-impulsive buying behavior of the consumers who are associated with the impulse buying. Research have shown that the consumers of impulse buying have the mixed emotions when considered as the satisfaction of shopping in regular intervals. It can be said that there are several factors that increase the possibility of impulse buying among the minds of the shoppers. The factors are evolving consumption concept, networking shopping, societal and economical developments. It leads to positive post impulsive buying of things of goods (Li, 2015). Impulsive buying is responsible for creating a good proportion of sales to the companies not only in United States but also in other countries of the world. References Hartston, H. J., Koran, L. M. (2002). Impulsive behavior in a consumer culture.International journal of psychiatry in clinical practice,6(2), 65-68. Kacen, J. J., Lee, J. A. (2002). The influence of culture on consumer impulsive buying behavior.Journal of consumer psychology,12(2), 163-176. Li, Y. (2015). Impact of impulsive buying behavior on postimpulsive buying satisfaction.Social Behavior and Personality: an international journal,43(2), 339-351.

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