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Cyber Crimes And Cyber Crime Essay - 729 Words

Cyber Crime is described as criminal activity committed via use of electronic communications with respect to cyber fraud or identity theft through phishing and spoofing. There are many other forms of cyber-crime also such as harassment, pornography etc. via use of information technology. Usually Cyber-crime is divided in below 3 categories: 1. Persons: Cyber Crime against person can be conducted in many ways as in today’s world all the personal information is available on internet and one can use this against a person. 2. Property: These kind of crimes includes unauthorized computer tres passing via cyber space, transmission of harmful programmer or possession of comutersied information. 3. Government: One of growing cyber-crime and very dangerous at high scale is cyber-crime against government. As terrorist may use cyber space to crack into the government or military maintained websites and can get access to the very secretive information or files which can damage the safety of the county and the citizens of the nation at large. Strict Cyber Law: Cyber Law was the first step taken by the government against the cyber-crime. According to this law if any one tries to destroy, alters or delete any data or damage it without any permission of the owner of the computer, shall be punishable offense. Similarly if any corporate body is maintaining or protecting data of the person or company and if any negligent act or failure found in protecting the data shall be liable to payShow MoreRelatedCyber Crimes And The Crime1153 Words   |  5 Pagesevolve with the trends in crime throughout history. Unfortunately for Law Enforcement, they are always on the back end of that and are often behind for months before being able to counteract. Cyber crimes are no different. Cyber Crimes are a new and always developing form of crime that bases its entire agenda from taking advantage of its victims over the internet. Law Enforcement s job is to assess and work to stop these crimes but it s not that easy. These cyber crimes are heavily in the favorRe ad MoreCyber Crime : A Crime1116 Words   |  5 PagesCyber crime is described as computer crimes. They could be classified as any form of illegal activity that take place on a computer or even a phone. According to the Department of Justice they classify cyber crime into three categories: crimes in which a computer is the target, another class is when a computer is used as a weapon. The last class is when a computer is used as an accessory, this is when criminals use computers to store data they’ve stolen. The growth of the internet has allowedRead MoreCyber Crimes And The Cyber Crime Epidemic1511 Words   |  7 PagesThe rise of the cyber-crime epidemic is a danger that can affect even the wariest of internet users. There is an abundance of ways that hackers and the hidden dangers of the internet can pose threats to internet users. Cyber scams, the deep and dark web, and counterfeiting are just some of the cyber-crimes that exist in our day-to-day world. The effects of cyber-crimes can range from computer viruses, to monetary loss, and even identity theft. Above all, cyber-crimes can include internet users beingRead MoreCyber Crime2238 Words   |  9 PagesAnalysis of Cyber Crime awareness among youth Abstract: Cyber crime is emerging as a serious threat. Worldwide governments, police departments and intelligence units have started to react. One of the many approaches to enable students and other peoples to protect themselves from the ever-increasing amount and range of cybercrime. This is relevant to students studying different aspects of undergraduate and postgraduate computing. This paper discusses the views of youngRead MoreCyber Crime8138 Words   |  33 PagesThe Lack of Attention in the Prevention of Cyber crime and How to Improve it 1 PREVENTING CYBER CRIME Keywords: Cyber crime, Cyber security The Lack of Attention in the Prevention of Cyber Crime and How to improve it Brett Pladna ICTN6883 East Carolina University The Lack of Attention in the Prevention of Cyber crime and How to Improve it 2 Abstract This paper discusses the issues of cyber crime and what is being done to prevent it. Cyber criminals take advantages of vulnerabilities byRead MoreCyber Crime5881 Words   |  24 PagesUniversity Of Dhaka [pic] Department Of Management Information Systems [pic] Assignment On Business Law Topic: Cyber Crime Prepared By : Subrata Halder ID NO : 05-005 Submitted To: Ashraful Alam Read MoreCyber Crime2799 Words   |  12 PagesCyber Crime and Security Submitted by: Ms.Poonam S. Ramteke (T.E C.S.E) psr_219@yahoo.com(9923115394) K.I.T.’s College of Engineering. ABSTRACT : Society is becoming more dependent upon data and networks to operate our businesses, government, national defense and other critical functions. Cybercrime, which is rapidly increasing in frequency and in severity, requires us to rethink how we should enforce our criminal lawsRead MoreCyber Crime And Cyber Criminals844 Words   |  4 Pages Cyber crime is defined as any crime that involves a computer and network. Individuals, businesses and government agencies around the world constantly face threats to their medical information, consumer data, as well as company trade information and military decisions. Cyber security specialists are professionals that are specifically trained to protect individuals and organizations from cyber crime, hackers and scammers. Cyber criminals cause chaos Cyber criminals take pride in creating chaosRead MoreCyber Secuirty and Cyber Crime1643 Words   |  7 PagesCyber Crime and Security Cybercrime or electronic crime generally refers to criminal activity where a computer or network is the source, tool, target, or place of a crime. These categories are not exclusive and many activities can be characterized as falling in one or more category. Additionally, although the terms computer crime and cybercrime are more properly restricted to describing criminal activity in which the computer or network is a necessary part of the crime, these terms are also sometimesRead MoreCyber Crime And Cyber Terrorism1801 Words   |  8 PagesCyber risks can be divided into the following groups (Marsh, 2013): 1. Physical loss of systems – Physical information technologies systems, i.e., computers, servers and other electronic equipment are required for the cyber activity. Consequently, it is very important to consider the risks related to the damage or loss of the physical electronic equipment. Risks can be for example, internal water damage in the office building damaging the computers and other equipment or fire in server room as a

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