Thursday, November 21, 2019

Qualitative research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Qualitative - Research Paper Example In such context, time has come to shed light on different fundamental aspects of qualitative research in order to highlight its importance among business researchers. Hence, in this research paper, the researcher will try to highlight fundamental concept behind qualitative research and also will criticize the research methodology. Conceptual Base Research scholars such as Saunders, Lewis and Thornhil (2007 and 2009), Creswell (2009) and Gray (2009) pointed out that it is very difficult to decipher the meaning of the term â€Å"qualitative research† due to the fact that the meaning of the term relatively varies from stakeholder to stakeholder. Creswell (2009) stated that qualitative research is better for addressing social contextual or philosophical problems while Gray (2009) argued that interpretation of a particular phenomenon can be given by qualitative research. ... Qualitative research is composed of following concepts; Qualitative research deals with experience, opinion of individuals and in most of the cases, these opinions are subjective in nature. Qualitative research never tries to manipulate the occurrence of social phenomenon and research elements are allowed to behave in natural environment. Qualitative research tries to account all the research variables rather trying to collect data from small samples. Qualitative research is used in order to develop new theories which can help individuals to understand the social world hence qualitative research methods are inductive in nature. One to one contact with respondents is primary criteria for data collection in qualitative manner and researcher has to meet each respondent personally in order to conduct interviews, focus group interviews etc. Ontological perspectives of respondents are better served with qualitative research or it can be said that researchers got the chance to know the pers onal thinking of the respondents while doing qualitative research (Bryman & Bell, 2003; Davies, 2007). Condition for Qualitative Research It is evident from the research works of Robson (2011) and Sekaran & Bougie (2009) that selection of qualitative research method depends on the nature of the research problems. A research problem has to posses following criterions in order to be qualified as qualitative research problem. Table 1: Criteria for Selection of Qualitative Research Subjective The research problem can only be understood by going through the personal opinion of each respondent. For example: Role of technology in your life. Holistic The research problem cannot be addressed without considering effect of all the social variables. For example: Role of a

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