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Should Abortion Be Legal

Should Abortion Be Legal Introduction The society has many ways of condemning practices that it considers morally and ethically wrong. In addition, owing to differences between different religious believers, there is a clear disparity of activities, which these religions consider right or wrong. Hence, considering these disparities, one main question, which many individuals lack correct answers to, is; is what the society or church considers right the right thing in reality?Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Should Abortion Be Legal specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Abortion is one of the most controversial topics in the modern society owing to different stances taken by different individuals, either applying religious beliefs or using societal values. Depending on ones position, many controversies arise as concerns the legalization and illegalization of abortion, hence the need to take an intent analysis of all factors surrounding the act befo re making any conclusions on its legality or illegality. Abortion If any individuals imagine that making the decision to do an abortion is an easy task, then they better sit down and critically analyze circumstances surrounding the whole act. Primarily, the practice encompasses the termination of pregnancy before a baby is born; a practice that leads to death of the unborn fetus or in some cases a live fetus. The practice has many associated effects, which include psychological trauma, stress, health deterioration, and the worst; death. Depending on the procedure and precaution taken by individuals, the entire process of abortion can be successful or fail, hence the need to always consider repercussions of the practice before doing an abortion. Legality and Illegality of Abortion Universally there exist two main divisions as concerns the debate on the legality and illegality of abortion namely pro-choice and pro-life views. The former argues that, individuals (women) have the right of making sole decisions as whether they want to terminate their pregnancies or not; depending on their cherished values and moral ethics. The latter argues that, considering the prevailing societal, religious, and general moral values, killing of an unborn child is wrong; hence, countries should eliminate the whole practice from the society. The main issue of contention between these two groups is the determination where practically human beings begin to be called living beings (Saletan, 2004, pp.187-190). All individuals accept that life is precious however, what if the created life is out of plan or chances are that, it will face many living problems. Arguing that, abortion can result in many health complications in life later for example, emotional damage, barrenness and death is not wrong. In addition, arguing that, although one may never have the requirements of upbringing up a child, hence seek for adoption is not also bad. However, it is good to consider the circumstances su rrounding the mother and the unborn child.Advertising Looking for essay on ethics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More For example, likelihoods of a child with deformities, which majority of parents never want to see their children go through. On the other hand, what if whoever is responsible for the pregnancy refuses to take responsibility of the baby just incase the mother cannot afford to up bring the child alone? This and many other questions pose an ethical dilemma on the illegality of abortion; hence, to me, abortion governments should legalize abortion because of complications that come with pregnancies. Why Countries Should Legalize Abortion Although individuals or organizations oppose the idea that governments should make abortion legal, considering some circumstances surrounding some pregnancies governments should legalize the whole thing. This is because; in most cases, mothers are the ones who suffer the burd en of carrying the unborn babies. In addition to the burden of carrying the unborn baby, in most cases research findings have indicated that, majority of individuals who father some babies are unwilling to take the responsibility of contributing to the up-bringing the child. For example, take of a case where the woman in question is a student; in most cases, these girls cannot afford bringing up the child on their own, and to make the whole issue worse majority of parents may reject them as not part of their family. In addition to rejections and lack of finance to up-bring the child, most of these young girls undergo psychological torture due to societal discriminations, because societies consider them outcasts. For example, in a Muslim society, it is wrong to get a child out of wedlock; hence just incase it occurs, majority of Muslim women face many discriminations and have to face certain punishments. The above factors puts at risk most mothers life, hence the need to take the har d option, whose success depends on its legality. The second main reason why abortion governments should legalize abortion is primarily to save mothers lives. Consider a case where a doctor has advised a mother not to sire more children because of her health condition for example, mothers suffering from health complications such as kidney infections, sickle cell anemia, advanced diabetes, or have had more than two babies via cesarean section (Conor, 2010, p.1). Such mothers’ health conditions cannot allow them to sire more children, hence the need for abortion for them to live long and comfortably. Humanly speaking, all individuals commit mistakes in life; hence, mothers are not an exception. This is to say, against those warnings some mothers get pregnant unknowingly, hence realize when it is too late. To these like mothers frankly asking, why should the law not allow them to have an abortion?Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Should Abortion Be Legal specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More It is important to note that, in this case it is two individuals lives that is at stake; hence, making it important to at least save one and loose one. In addition, in this like scenario, considering conditions surrounding it whether the law legalizes abortion or not, still most mothers will do it using all means that are at their disposal. Therefore, to avoid complications that may result from illegal abortions, it is necessary to legalize the practice (Schuman, 2010, p.1). Considering developments that our societies have undergone, surely it will be wrong to deny women this simple right. Since time memorial, activists have fought for gender equality in our society, a factor that should not isolate abortion. Reproductive choice should be a right the law should grant all women because it will give them an opportunity to explore other development options; more participation in economic development, a factor th at may be impaired by carrying of unwanted pregnancies (Oreffice Moore, 2005, p.1). Some situations surrounding conceptions also should make countries legalize the practice among women. For example, consider a case of a child conceived out of rape or incest. Majority of victims suffer a lot of psychological trauma, something that is more hurting that even sickness. Most of babies conceived out of rape will make most mothers have negative attitudes towards them, a situation that jeopardizes the health growth of the child. Primarily, this is so because these children may lack parental love they deserve something that universally contributes to suicidal tendencies among most children. This therefore results to two paradoxical questions; why allow children to be born knowing that circumstances surrounding their lives are complicated? In addition, why risk loosing a life something which abortion could have helped to alleviate long before birth? On the other hand, illegalizing abortion i n many ways discriminates different classes of women in the society. Most rich mothers can have abortion in sophisticated conditions that they prefer; where success is a guarantee, but considering the economic status of women from poor backgrounds, because of the illegality of the practice, they may opt for very crude ways that jeopardizes not only their health but also their overall life. Legalizing abortion can also help to reduce crime, a factor that many research findings have proved. For example since the legalization of abortion in America, the continent had seen continuous reductions in the number of child mortality rates. This is because, the practice is legal and the rule of law sets conditions under which individuals should undertake abortions; hence, it is very hard to find individuals involving themselves in criminal practices such homicides (Donohue Levitt, 2006, pp. 379-390). Another important reason why governments should legalize abortion is to manage population exp ansion and public health. Currently, the universe faces very many threats resulting from human practices. These practices include destruction of habitats, overexploitation of resources to sustain life, and encroachment into protected areas.Advertising Looking for essay on ethics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In many ways this has led to many calamities that have caused massive property destruction and deaths, the latest being the Haiti Earthquake. To some extent, through population control by allowing abortions, governments can avoid exaggerated population explosions. This is because in most instances, in majority of nations it is illegal to do an abortion even when the case is genuine (Tietze, 1975, pp. 123-127). It is important to note that, although governments should legalize abortion, it is advisable for whoever who wants to conduct the act, to first of all seek medical advise before taking the abortion. In addition, it is important for all women to use correct aborting measures, because failure to do so can result to numerous complications. This is because, the option of applying crude procedures not only makes the entire process dangerous, but also can lead to loss of life of the mother or health complications that can leave one regretting for her entire life. Conclusion In concl usion, the issue of avoiding unwanted pregnancies that may force one to have an abortion should be a collective responsibility, owing to the fact that, it affects all individuals in one way or another. Considering conditions surrounding single parenthood, it is advisable for all individuals to embrace good moral behaviors, and just incase conception occurs against somebodys will for example rape or incest, the law should allow such individuals to have abortions. This is possible through clearly defining circumstances under which individuals can undertake the act. Reference List Conor, A. (2010). 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