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An inportant Miami building Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

An inportant Miami building - Essay Example Davis construction company. It is considered a good example of Spanish renaissance architecture given the design and components of the building. The following is a discussion of the style and components of the building. The design of the building was undertaken in 1927 by Phineas Paist, in July 1927 construction of the building began and completed in February 1928. Construction was undertaken by P. Davis Construction Company and total construction costs amounted to over $200 thousand, the hurricane that struck in 1926 led to a financial crisis and therefore the government had no option but to sell bonds in order to finance the construction of the city hall. Only two internal modifications have been undertaken one in 1956 and the other in 1958, the first modification which was in 1956 involved creating more room in the second floor, originally the second floor rooms were lit by the numerous windows on the semicircular side of the building, these windows were sealed and the room enlarged to create more room for public seating. In 1958 the first floor was modified to create room for more counters and during this modification new drop ceiling and lighting were installed. It is a three storey building containing ... The image above shows the semicircular wing, the rectangular wing and the tower. Descriptions: a. Exterior: The building is constructed in the Spanish renaissance style, it is a three storey apsidal shaped structure with a semicircular shaped part and rectangular shaped part, the semicircular shaped part is supported by twelve cylindrical concrete pillars and the wall below this shape has ten windows and four doors all spaced at regular intervals, on top of the semicircular part of the building are two flags post on each side. The top of the building is a three tier stone tower, each tier is square shape and that each tier is smaller than the lower tier. The top tier has a clock on each of the four sides and above it is a bronze bell that weighs 500 pounds. The middle tier has a square window on each side while the bottom tier is made of stone walls. The building has three entrances and this include the north, west and south entrance, the north entrance is the main entrance and has a panel supported by pillars containing the name City Hall. The south entrance has a balcony above two windows of the ground floor and it is supported by pillars while the west entrance also has a balcony supported by pillars. Each floor has a belt coursing and different from the others and this means that each floor has a different design, the first floor has no decorations and columns are ordered, the second floor is extensively decorated and has larger windows than the first floor, the third floor has smaller windows than the second floor, and finally the roof is made of Cuban barrel tiles. It is therefore evident that the exterior and interior design resembles Spanish renaissance architecture, and this is due to

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