Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Role of Computer Technology in the human race Research Paper

The Role of Computer Technology in the human race - Research Paper Example This ability to compute large amounts of data within very less time provided the basis of conducting analysis and comprehensive overall views of scenarios. Thus, computing assisted man immensely and was able to put to maximum use all the sources that were at hand to him. Literally speaking, Computer technology refers to the process of planning, constructing, designing and implementing a computer system. Since the basic meaning of ‘compute’ is calculate thus computing something was calculating it The History of computer technology can roughly be traced back to the year 1940 in which the first programmable computers were built for the very first time. The first computer ever built was the size of a typical modern bedroom and consumed power equivalent to that consumed by a couple hundred modern day computers. To give you the perception of the potential this computer was, think about the first generation IPhone. Yes, in fact the Phone was a significantly more powerful machin e than the first â€Å"supercomputer†. Back In those days, institutions had to dedicate a special room just for the computer lab server. The Temperature had to be on point ever single minute of the day or else the computer lab would become over heated. 1971 saw the advent of the microprocessor. The size of computers reduced considerably with this invention. The first Intel microprocessor had the name Intel 4004 associated with it. The advent of microprocessors then paved a very rapid way to the Personal Computers, Laptops and then eventually the present day tablets. Computer technology has excelled manifolds in the past seventy years; think about all the different features available on a modern day computer; you can email, draw, chat instantly with other people around the world, watch movies, download and listen to music, create your own music, build your own computer, design blueprints of the worlds most sophisticated buildings, you can do practically anything you desire on a modern day computer. Technology incorporated in present day computer CPU’s, memory, hard drive space, etc. is multiplying year by year without us even acknowledging how it is benefiting us. Engineers are constantly striving to figure out how to improve battery life, power consumption, and even most importantly, cost. For example, the Apple Ipad is the most user friendly tablet in the market and also the most advance when it comes to the components inside, yet the cost is only a few hundred dollars. Since its initiation the technology of computing devices has been of assistance and productivity for man. Specifically it may be said that this technology accompanies unimaginable horizons of positive aspects within it most of which are yet to be discovered and explored. Everywhere around us we see innumerable advantages of computer technology. May it be education, health or everyday use computer technology has been beneficial for man by extensive means. Though the advent of comp uter technology in the present times has primarily been extremely beneficial for mankind it does accompany certain drawbacks as well. These drawbacks may become potential hazards if not addressed with timely and appropriate measures. This perfectly comes in line with that technology behaves like a ‘double edged sword’ (Kurzweil) and, C. P. Snow, who is a renowned English physicist and novelist, said that, â€Å"Technology†¦is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in

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