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Gay Marriage legistration in California Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Gay Marriage legistration in California - Essay Example In California the state used to grant licenses to same sex couples but this service was discontinued shortly after its implementation. The process of granting licenses for gay marriages was started in June 2008 and due to the reformed constitutions and policies it was ceased in November 2008. This act was led by Supreme Court of California due to the passage of preposition 8 (Wilcox 66). Since March 2011, gay marriage laws in California are in a state of instability. Vaughn R.Walker, the federal judge of the state of California declared preposition 8 as unconstitutional. However, his appeal stayed pending- although the law which was formed to ban gay marriages or same sex marriages was overturned but still gay marriages were declared to be illegal (Utter 113). History of gay marriages in California In February 2004, the laws of the city of San Francisco granted permission for issuing licenses to the couples undergoing gay marriages. Before the first grant of license several hearings were called up to the supreme court of California. There on in august 2004, the court declared that the city and county of San Francisco had no right to authorize gay marriages through any legal license. Therefore, following the verdict- the license granted to already same sex married couples was rejected and banned (Lee 67). Around November 2006, several parties appealed to the court of California for the numerous cases dealing with same sex marriages. In 2008 four to three decision took effect. There comes a constitution which banned gay marriages totally, it came in November 2008, it was called proposition 8, the Marriage Recognition and Family Protection Act (Researcher 97). In current situation, the laws relating to gay marriage are in the state of flux in California with numerous cases in front of the courts. The current governor of California supports the legal same sex marriages and equality California. Their government has decided to overturn proposition 8 in the 2012 elect ion. Proposition 8 Proposition 8 is a provision to change the constitution of California and give further details of a valid marriage. In November 2008, it was clearly stated that a marriage between man and woman would only be considered lawful and valid in California. After the passage of the proposition, there were numerous beings who agreed with it but several of them voted against this proposition. Soon after the enactment, the federal judge of California State declared this proposition 8 as unconstitutional. Then 9th circuit court of appeals asked fro the stay on same sex marriages in California in 2010 the pending appeal. There on considerations were conducted on gay marriages and the California supreme court announced that same sex marriages and couples would remain legally married before proposition 8 passed (Wilcox 188). Affects of gay marriages in Californian society There are many social evils in our society and some of the major problems which have to face by the economy if every country. The birth rate in every country is always much more so it should decreased for the betterment of the country. The second generation people are old in fact in many countries they are not given with any respect. However, in the present situation and time the rate of growth of homosexual people has increased a lot which creates the worst thinking in the youth mind. Homosexuality is the psychic of an individual in which s/he got in a pray of love with same sex (Brock 57). In some

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